Support During Pregnancy

New mothers have a lot more questions than experienced mothers. Setting up a support system is important especially for someone with a chronic illness. Being covered by nib health insurance is helpful. Find a trusted friend or relative is helpful. Asking the person to stay with you for a few days is helpful. One of… Read More »

Your Almost Late for a Very Important Date

The majority of men cringe at the though of going shopping unless it is for a hobby. Instead of putting yourself through the trauma of shopping in a crowded store, buy something online from the comfort of your living room on the sofa. Then you will be able to tell your buddies that you went… Read More »

Eldest son has a sexting problem

So after I saw the snapchat nude sexting pictures on my eldest sons phone. I rationalizsed myself into doing something I’ve never done before, I decided to check his computer and see what he’s been up to. I know this is wrong and violates trust, but I need to know he’s safe and not doing something stupid… Read More »

The Bellyaches of Chronic Illness

Some of the side effects from my medications cause a lot of problems with my stomach off and on. I’ve said something to my doctor in the past about the stomach pain, but he said if I don’t take the medication for the lupus I’ll end up with flares with the lupus, which means more… Read More »

Staying Health as a Woman

An important part of being a woman is taking care of you. Eating healthy food, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest everyday is very important. Sometimes it can be easier said than done, but we have to try to be good to our bodies. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables, and protein… Read More »

Money Cannot Buy You Love, Can It?

Since I have been dealing with my sons sexting rampage I have struggled to figure out what is the point. I think the biggest thing it has given me is the ability to appreciate the small things in life. Every day I see my daughter smile there is no amount of money that could take… Read More »

Have your felt your boobies this month?

The first step to prevent breast cancer is doing your monthly self breast exam and going to your doctor for yearly breast exams. You should get your yearly mammogram early if you have a family history of breast cancer like me. I had to start early because my mom had breast cancer in her 30′s. I… Read More »

A Lesson Learned From Moving

A distant friend who was moving from one town to another used a moving van to move instead of hiring a moving company and she regretted it. Her Mom tried to talk her into hiring a moving company for the move, but she refused. She was afraid that some of her belongings would be broken… Read More »

Caught the kids sexting

I came home the other day and caught my eldest sexting! He left his phone in the kitchen and beep up comes a message and my god whoever this girl was, was sending him sext’s of her naked breasts. You read about this stuff in the paper but it really caught be off guard. I… Read More »

Getting Ready for Christmas

Finding ways to cut corner for the holidays isn’t easy when you’re dealing with a chronic illness that takes its toll on your health. I like to find online auctions and sales to save money. Deal Dash is an online auction site that allows you to purchase an item after you purchase the bids. Another… Read More »